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Energy Plant foods

Activity was solid throughout the day may make you feel tired. But that does not mean you need a drink of energy generation. Quite overcome with proper food that serves to supply nutrition and energy. The best option is foods with protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. What are the types?

The content of the oil produced by the salmon supply of omega-3 to give the body. This good fatty acids to increase energy and muscle work.

All fruits with vitamin C called can provide extra energy. One of these citrus containing high vitamin C and also works to increase the body’s immune.

Reported by Marie Claire, eggs are rich in nutrients, and vitamins B greatly contribute to generating waterwheel. The content of choline in eggs also directly penetrate the metabolism and help the work function of the central nervous system.

Nuts contain vitamin B, protein and complex carbohydrates that can replace the body’s energy quickly.

In addition to fiber, green vegetables also contain minerals vitamins C and K, potassium, and beta carotene. Various nutrients are ready to provide extra energy for a tired body and improve the system of the brain.

Eating dark chocolate is the easiest way to get back the body’s energy. This is because the cocoa in it nourishing anti-fatigue and banish stress the body and mind.

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