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Main Organs Affected by Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a long-term disease which is caused by the inability of pancreas to produce enough insulin to lower the amount of sugar in the blood. This disease is categorized as an insidious metabolic disorder and if it is left undiagnosed, it may lead to a very fatal complication and death. The impacts of the long-term undiagnosed metabolic disorder to the body organs’ health are discussed in the following.

To begin with, diabetic patients often suffer from eyesight problems. This is because their eye balls’ blood vessels are affected by the amount of sugar in the blood, resulting in the damage of retina, cataract, and/or total vision loss. The next impact of diabetes to the patients’ health is kidney problem. High level of sugar in the blood brings the kidney to work harder to retain nutrients since the blood vessels in the kidney become less functional in filtering the essential ingredients from the waste. Having been in this condition for years, a patient may experience kidney failure.

The health of the heart will also be affected by diabetes. The fat amount within the blood vessels caused by the high level of blood sugar affect the heart considerably. Blood supply to the heart will be affected, resulted in a heart disease. The majority of diabetes cases also show that the bloodstreams that are damaged by high glucose impact on the arteries. The arteries that are damaged as a result of the impact cause the blood flow to the feet to decrease. This inevitably raises the risk of foot ulcers and infections.

All in all, every internal organ’s health disorder that is impacted by diabetes is fundamentally caused by the damaged blood vessels. The damaged bloodstreams essentially disturb each and every organ since all organs are supplied with blood through the vessels. Once the vessels are damaged, any organ will not be functional, as a result.

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