Influenza Disease

Influenza , commonly called the flu , is a respiratory illness that affects the nose , throat and lungs . It is caused by a virus that is easily transmitted from person to person . Seasonal influenza is an annual influenza that affects people in Canada during the winter , between November and April .
seasonal influenza viruses change slightly from year to year .

Various strains of influenza virus circulating around the world every year and new strains can emerge and spread . Most healthy people recover from influenza without severe complications . As with other viral diseases , antibiotics do not work against influenza viruses .

Antiviral drugs can be used for the treatment or prevention of influenza .
Influenza lowers the body’s ability to fight other infections . This can lead to bacterial infections , such as pneumonia , and even death , especially in the elderly , children ( 6-59 months ) , pregnant women , Aboriginal people , and people with chronic medical conditions .

How Widespread influenza occurred

Influenza spreads rapidly among people . The virus is transmitted from person to person when an infected person coughs , sneezes or talks . Small drops of water ( droplets ) containing the virus can get into the eyes , nose or mouth of someone close to him .
Viruses can live on hands and then passed to the surface through touch . The virus can live on hard surfaces such as door handles , telephones , lights , computer keyboards , desks up to 48 hours , and on soft surfaces such as clothes for 8-10 hours .

Infection can occur when people touch surfaces contaminated with the virus and then touching their own mouth , nose or eyes before washing their hands .

People typically develop symptoms of influenza within four days after infection .
People contagious for seven days after symptoms begin . Children, especially young children , people with weakened immune systems and those with severe disease may be infectious for a longer period , ie, up to 10 days .

Early Pregnancy Symptoms In Women

Pregnancy is the most awaited by many couples who have been married , but every woman memeiliki different sign . So , whether the pregnancy is every woman experiences the same symptoms or even the same symptoms from one pregnancy to the next .

Also , because the early symptoms of pregnancy often like what happened just before and during menstruation , the symptoms are not always recognized .

Here are descriptions of some of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy . You should know that these symptoms may be caused by things other than being pregnant . So the fact that you see some of these symptoms does not always mean you are pregnant . The only way to know for sure is a pregnancy test .

Spotting and cramps

A few days after fertilization , the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall . This can cause one of the early signs of pregnancy – spotting and , sometimes, cramps .

That is called implantation bleeding . This happens in anywhere from six to 12 days after the egg is fertilized .

Cramps resembles menstrual cramps , so some of their mistakes and bleeding women to start their periods . Bleeding and cramping , however , are little.

In addition to bleeding , a woman may look , milky white discharge from the vagina . It was associated with a thickening of the walls of the vagina , which begins immediately after fertilization . Increased growth of the cells lining the vagina causing discharge .

This discharge , which can be continued throughout pregnancy , usually harmless and requires no treatment . But if there is a smell associated with the discharge or a burning sensation and itching , tell your doctor so they can check if you have a yeast or bacterial infection .

Breast Changes

Other breast changes are very early signs of pregnancy . A woman’s hormone levels change rapidly after fertilization . Because of the change , her breasts may become swollen , painful , or tingling or two weeks later . Or they may feel heavy or full or feel soft to the touch . The area around the nipple , called the areola , the dark too .

Other things that can cause changes in the breast . But if the changes are an early symptom of pregnancy , keep in mind that it will take a few weeks to get used to the new hormone levels . But when it happens , breast pain should subside .

Traditional Medicine For Sore Throat


Cold temperatures and high humidity during the rainy season to make a variety of microorganisms growing rapidly . This microorganism that infects those around him . When the immune system is declining , it is certain viruses and bacteria attack will cause pain .

One of the many diseases that attack the rainy season is a sore throat . Sore throat caused a sensation of heat and difficulty swallowing . However , do not worry , sore throat can be treated with natural remedies , here’s how .

1 . Gargling salt water
Although impressed ancient , gargling salt water is very effective and fast relief of sore throat . Aside from being an antiseptic , salt helps clear mucus in the throat and relieve the pain that arises .

Before rinsing , make sure the water temperature is warm and quite comfortable . Then , add half a teaspoon of salt and stir until blended . Gargle salt water should be done three times a day .

2 . Honey
Honey is a natural treatment of sore throat are the most common and familiar with people’s lives . Honey is often used because of the ability of anti – bakterialnya help the treatment process . Honey can be consumed with a cup of warm water or herbal tea .

3 . Ginger tea
Although the sensation of hot and spicy , ginger qualities as a natural remedy for sore throat is no longer in doubt . Content zingiberinpada ginger helps eliminate toxins from the body and improve blood circulation . Anti-inflammatory action in ginger also helps kill the bad bacteria in the body . To enjoy this nutritious drink , quite a few segments ginger slices and enjoy with a cup of hot tea .

Food Diabetes Prevention


To avoid diabetes , follow a proper diet in order to control blood sugar levels . Researchers advocated for diligently eating some foods , including dark chocolate or dark chocolate dominated bitter taste , berries and red wine .

All three recommended because it contains flavonoids . High consumption of these foods , to provide protection from type 2 diabetes by helping the body regulate sugar levels .

The statement is the result of research from The University of East Anglia in Norwich , England . Dark brown paste in the daily diet , can have a significant effect in preventing diabetes 2 .

Not only that , flavonoids also help control glucose in the body , which leads to prevent chronic inflammation . The study involved two thousand women who have been keeping their eating and drinking , as well as blood samples were analyzed .

The scientists tested the food and drinks that can prevent diabetes , they also focus on the red berries .” One berry fruit every day , can help you control blood sugar levels , as well as prevent you having a heart attack , ” said Aedin Cassidy , the leader of the study as quoted from page News.Sky .

Research from King’s College London also added , certain plants such as celery , apples , and oranges also contain flavonoids . Fruit or vegetables containing flavonoids , usually have distinctive colors such as red , blue or black , for example eggplant .